About the Club

BridgeSince its foundation in 1989, the Short Line Model Railroad Club has strived toward replicating authentic railroad operations in the 1950s with an emphasis on the railroads of Eastern Pennsylvania.  In addition to operations, a large emphasis has been placed on realistic scenery and structures.

“Sharing this hobby with other people makes it much more enjoyable,” according to Keith Bear, one of the founding members.  There are many model railroad enthusiasts who “just don’t have the space or time for a nice layout in their home, and the club offers them a chance to have one.”

Prospective members and visitors are welcome at the clubs work sessions, which are held regularly every Thursday evening between 7 and 9pm.

The Short Line Model Railroad Club is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the town of Ephrata. We are located at 11 S. State Street, Ephrata, PA. the club operates out of the basement of the building, with the entrance around back.

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