Welcome to  the Short Line Model Railroad Club. The Pennsylvania – Reading Anthracite Lines has been under construction, expansion and updating for over 20 years, with many more years of fun and enjoyment in the future. We hope you enjoy our small contribution to our community to bring back the era of 1950s railroading.

The Pennsylvania – Reading Anthracite Lines operates East and West between Sunbury and Tamaqua. One of two divisions, the Shamokin Division serves Ashville, Mill Creek, Coalsburg, and a branch line serving Summit Colliery.

On the double track main line, bridge and coal traffic account for a major part of the railroad’s success and profitability. Loaded coal drags can be seen heading east to Philadelphia while empties are routed west for loading.

Other mainline services provided by the PRAL include passenger, mixed freight, local and interchange. The bustling Ashville branch runs southward from the West Coalsburg Junction to service Mill Creek, Ashville and the mine at Summit.

Our regular meeting night is every Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older after completing a probationary period. Members gain knowledge and skills on layout construction, motive power, rolling stock, trackwork, scenery, DCC controls, train operation.  Open house events show the public lots of prototypical railroad action with long freight drags and exquisite mainline passenger trains.

If you are looking for a first time job or a career move, the PRAL is now accepting applications. Remember, if you are considering a SHIFT in jobs, railroading is not a DRAG, but a SWITCH to get you on the right TRACK.